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All About 2mg Suboxone Orange pill That you Need to Know?

2mg suboxone orange pill includes a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. It’s an opioid medication, usually called a narcotic. Naloxone obstructs the effects of opioid medications, including feelings of well-being or pain relief that may result in opioid abuse.

Suboxone 2 mg is used for the treatment of narcotic addiction. It should not be used as a pain medication.

Generic Name: buprenorphine and naloxone (oral/sublingual)

Drug Class: Narcotic analgesic combinations



The medication can sedate or even stop your breathing. You might become habitual to the medicine. MISUSE OF THIS MEDICINE CAN RESULT IN ADDICTION, OVERDOSE, OR DEATH. It is highly dangerous for children or someone using it without a prescription.

Life-threatening symptoms may arise in the newborn baby if you take 2mg suboxone orange pill during pregnancy.

Critical side effects can happen, if you take this drug with alcohol, or with certain other drugs that give you drowsiness or slow your breathing. Before Taking This Medicine Avoid taking Suboxone 2 mg, if you are allergic to naloxone or buprenorphine.


For safe usage of the drug, tell your doctor about:

Breathing problems, sleep apnea;

Urination problems, enlarged prostate;

Liver or kidney disease;

Defect in the curvature of the spine that affects breathing;

Problems with your adrenal gland, gallbladder, or thyroid;

Brain tumor, a head injury, or seizures; or

Alcoholism or drug addiction.

If you breastfeed make sure to tell yours about it. Take advice from the doctor if you notice slow breathing or severe drowsiness in the newborn baby.


How To Take 2mg suboxone orange pill?

Always follow your doctor’s prescription for the medicine dosage. Do not use Suboxone 2 mg in huge amounts and never use it against the prescription. Consult a doctor if you become habitual to the drug and want more of it.

Place the Suboxone sublingual tablet under your tongue until it dissolves completely. Do not swallow or chew the medicine as it may not work that well and let it dissolve in your mouth completely.


2mg suboxone orange pill is not a drug to be shared as it can cause fatal side effects. MISUSE MAY RESULT IN ADDICTION, OVERDOSE, OR DEATH. Keep it safe as selling or giving it away is illegal.

Ask the doctor how you can safely stop using the drug as suddenly stopping may give unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The doctor might recommend regular blood tests to examine your liver function.

Crushing or breaking of 2mg suboxone orange pill to mix it into a liquid to inject or inhale the powder is highly dangerous as it may result in death. Keep your medicine always in check to avoid misuse.


What To Do When You Overdose?

Call the poison control center immediately or ask for emergency medical help from your doctor. Overdose of any medicine is always harmful but in Suboxone 2 mg’s case, it could be lethal. Some overdose symptoms are pinpoint pupils, severe drowsiness, slow breathing, or no breathing at all.


What To Avoid While Taking 2mg suboxone orange pill?

Ignore alcohol during this medication as it can be fatal even death can happen.

Severe drowsiness or dizziness may happen after taking the medicine. This can result in accidents, falls, or serious injuries.


Suboxone 2 mg Side Effects

Call emergency medical help right away when you suffer from an allergic reaction to the medicine like a problem in breathing, hives, swollen lips, face, tongue, or throat.

2mg suboxone orange pill may slow or even stop your breathing causing death. Your caretaker should call for medical help immediately, if you are breathing slowly with long pauses, hard to wake up, or have blue-coloured lips.


Be cautious if you have:

Weak or shallow breathing, breathing stops during sleep;

Light-headed feeling (like you might pass out);

Loss of coordination, confusion, extreme weakness;

Slurred speech, blurred vision;

Liver problems – loss of appetite, upper stomach pain, clay-coloured stools, dark urine, jaundice;

High serotonin level – vomiting, diarrhea, agitation, hallucinations, shivering, fast heart rate, fever, sweating, muscle stiffness, twitching, nausea, loss of coordination;

Low cortisol levels – vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, worsening tiredness or weakness, dizziness; or

Opioid withdrawal symptoms – diarrhea, muscle pain, shivering, goosebumps, feeling hot or cold, runny nose, increased sweating, watery eyes.


Common side effects of Suboxone:

Blurred vision, dizziness, feeling drunk, drowsiness, trouble concentrating;

Withdrawal symptoms;

Numbness or redness inside your mouth, tongue pain or ;

Vomiting, nausea, constipation;

Back pain, headache;

Increased sweating, pounding or fast heartbeats; or

Sleep problems (insomnia).


Effect of Other drugs with 2mg suboxone orange pill?

If you stop or start taking some other drugs with Suboxone 2 mg, you may face withdrawal symptoms or breathing problems. Tell your doctor about other medications also such as an antifungal, antibiotic medication, seizure medication, blood pressure or heart medication, or medicine of HIV or hepatitis C.


Your doctor must know if you also use:

COPD/bronchodilator asthma medication, cold or allergy medicines, or a diuretic (“water pill”);

Motion sickness medicine, overactive bladder or irritable bowel syndrome;

Other opioids – prescription cough medicine, or opioid pain medicine;

Sedative such as Valium – Ativan, diazepam, lorazepam, Xanax, alprazolam, Klonopin, and various others;

Drugs that slow your breathing or make you sleepy – mental illness medicine, a sleeping pill, muscle relaxer, or a mood disorders medicine; or

Serotonin levels affecting drugs – medicine for depression, migraine headaches, a stimulant, Parkinson’s disease, nausea, serious infections, and vomiting.

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